1. Wake Up Earlier

Waking up early is linked to a bunch of different benefits. If you get into a good bedtime routine, you’ll wake up more refreshed and more focused. To effectively wake up early, you’ll have to reset your sleep schedule, develop waking-up-early habits, and become more of a morning person than you currently are. First, mentally prepare yourself to wake up early and  set your alarm for the next day. Before going to bed, write down your plans for the following day and dream of your best life, these will give you positive energy and good sleep beside a reason to get excited in the morning and hop out of bed.


2. Unplug from Technology

This is very important. Leave the electronics alone (at least one hour) until you’ve given yourself time to prepare for the day and save the email for the end of your morning ritual. Go outside and breathe the fresh air, relax and observe the nature for a minute. Be aware of yourself, your life and the beauty of this amazing planet. Take notice of your body and every tiny cell in it, how they fight for you to be healthy and be grateful for it. Let your consciousness travel thru the universe and time for a couple of minutes before facing the reality. Think about the atoms around you, go back in time when you were a kid, remember the last time you felt happy, feel the smell in the air, look at the sky, be thankful for this day and for the new opportunities that come with it. Every day it’s a gift, life it’s a gift. Be grateful and don’t waste it!

Peaceful woman relaxing at home with cup of tea or coffee

3. Have a Good Hygiene

Wash your facebrush your teeth and your tongue, and floss. You can also use mouthwash. Make sure to clean and clip your fingernails. Shower every day. Use the deodorant. If you have a morning exercise program, shower and wash your hair after the morning exercise. It’s important to be clean, it can improve your happiness and even your relationships.


4. Drink a Glass of Water

When you wake up in the morning you’ve just gone without water for about 8 hours, so it’s important to hydrate yourself. You can drink water, warm lemon water or tea. The amount of water you consume every day plays an important role in maintaining a healthy body. Experts recommend drinking eight to ten glasses of water each day to maintain good health.


5. Exercise, Yoga and Stretching Routine

Wake your muscles up and get them ready for the day ahead. A little exercise will go a long way to reducing stress. People who exercise regularly report feeling more empowered and all around better about their work-life balance. A morning workout will boost your endorphins for extra smiles the rest of the day. However, you should always modify any workout to your own abilities. It is recommend starting off with just some morning stretches until that becomes a habit, and then transitioning into yoga and other exercises. If you are an outdoors person you could jog or take a walk, if you are an indoors person, you could do yoga or work out in your dining room 🙂


6. Meditation

There’s no better time to sit and clear your mind. A quick five or ten minute meditation each morning will help balance your mind for the busy day ahead. Think about all the things you are grateful for and give yourself some positive encouragement. There’s also no right way to meditate, so if you’ve tried specific methods and didn’t really like it, it’s time to develop your own personal style. Choose a position that you find comfortable, a clean neat peaceful place, and decide if want like music or not. Just sitting and listening to the silence can be enough for most.


7. Listen to Positive Music

If you are ever in need of an emotional boost, let it be known that it only takes 15 minutes of listening to your favorite tunes to get a natural high. This is because your brain releases dopamine, a neurotransmitter that leads to increased feelings of happiness, excitement, and joy, when you listen to music you like. Don’t be shy, dance and sing along!


8. Have Breakfast

Breakfast is widely believed to be the most important meal of the day but eating the typical heavy breakfast may actually do your health more harm than good. So avoid a heavy breakfast. Eat easy-to-digest food, eat only what you need for energy and do not overeat. Eat fresh fruit, especially energy-giving ones like bananas and avocado. A fun and delicious way to eat fresh fruits is by blending them into a smoothie. You can blend different kinds of fruits every day for variety. Blending your food makes it even easier to digest!


9. Take Care of Your Appearance

Have a proper hygiene, wear clean clothes, take care of your hair, nails and wear natural light makeup. Putting more thought into your appearance is one of the easiest ways to improve your social prospects. It falls under the broader category of non-verbal communication. Keeping clean and keeping up a good appearance are also great ways to simply feel good with yourself.


10. Smile

Remind yourself that you are fabulous. Smile at yourself in the mirror while you remind yourself of all the things you have accomplished. Your body, mind and spirit are your most valuable assets. To get through each day they need to be kept in good shape. Also, make a list with the three things you really want to get done today, and above all else, make sure they get done.



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